Jamie O'Brien
IEL is a place where emerging leaders join a community that challenges them to be the best versions of themselves.
Jamie O'Brien
Managing Director, IEL
Dr. Nathan Mellor
The strength of a community is found in the leaders it produces. An investment in developing leaders is an investment in the future.
Dr. Nathan Mellor
CEO, Strata Leadership
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What is IEL?

The Institute for Emerging Leaders (IEL) is designed to equip developing leaders with the character, competence and community connections needed to lead effectively. IEL is designed to be a life-changing experience for the participants and an opportunity to help create a community of leaders who have a shared vocabulary and common commitment to making life better for all in their city, state and beyond.


The IEL Experience

IEL is an intensive learning experience offered over the course of three two-day experiences in a three month period. The classes are limited to 30 participants and will include a select group of current and future leaders. The tailored learning experience guides participants through curriculum designed specifically for IEL and is likely to include topics such as: management, leadership, negotiation, communication, organizational dynamics, strategy and culture. In addition to addressing the competencies needed to lead effectively, the program also includes a strong emphasis on character development.

IEL is led by qualified faculty with an emphasis on facilitating courses designed for Millennials and Generation X. In addition, IEL is guided strongly by an Advisory Council filled with Executive Leaders who have a passion for investing in future generations. The Co-Chairs of the IEL Advisory Council are James Bennett and Judy McReynolds. Mr. Bennett is the CEO and President of Oklahoma City based SandRidge Energy. Mrs. McReynolds is the CEO and President of ArcBest Corporation based in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

In 2017 there will be a spring and fall class. The spring class will be held: March 28-29, April 18-19, May 9-10 and the Fall Class will be held: September 20-21, October 10-11, November 1-2..


Partner with IEL

At the heart of IEL are partnerships with organizations. The types of organizations with whom we are seeking to build a lasting relationship are nonprofits, companies and governmental agencies that have a proven track record of investing in their people and communities.

Organizations are asked to commit to sending a minimum of two participants per class (with a maximum of three). We believe participants are better able to integrate what they have learned when the experience is shared with a colleague. Due to size, organizations with 50 or fewer employees will have the option to send an individual.

If you are aware of organizations with a longstanding commitment to their employees and communities, please contact us in the form below.

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